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I want there to be something I can’t do.
-Kim Kibum

Sorry bae, there is nothing. Happy birthday to our flawless, fabulous, triple-threat Kim Kibum ♥ May this year bring even more accomplishments than the last!

melon boy kim kibum!

[23/09] happy birthday 

{ Happy Birthday Kitty Key ♡} ~

happy birthday Kibummi~

910923 ❤ Happy Birthday to the most amazing person to ever step on this Earth, our almighty, Mr Kim Kibum. Sweetheart, you are such a huge inspiration in my life and I’m so proud of everything you have achieved on the past years. You really are one of a kind and I wish you all the happiness and the success in the World. I can’t believe how fast you grew and it feels like it was yesterday that I found out about you and fell in love with everything that you are. I love how kind and sweet you actually are, I admire you so much, how you always stand up for what you believe in and how strong you are. You give me the strength to wake up and face every day, and for that, thank you. I owe you so much more than I could ever repay. And, baby, you are so talented, and so so beautiful. You are the best idol I could possibly imagine and I’m so happy to have the privilege of stanning someone like you. I love you so much!


Happy Birthday Kim Kibum!


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Happy birthday fashionista Kim Kibum

HunHan + BaekYeol = ?

a typical sehun



OKAY, as our KPOP, DRAMA, and ANIME etc YouTube channel is slowly taking off. If we get to 150 Subscribers I will have a small  giveaway, maybe a gift card or something handmade that’s related to whatever you like Kpop, dramas, anime, otome, etc related! :3 . Since it’s only to 150 the gift won’t be anything too great but as we build up our audience the giveaways will get better. It’s better than nothing!! XD SO PLEASE..

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I will think of the rest once we get to 150+ 

SO please pleasee pleaseee do what I listed cause I promise we have a lot to offer and fangirl about, plus making new friends is always niceeee :)

reblog too yahhhhhh *hugz*

*International.. idk if I can send anything that far being a uni student… we’ll have to see what it is and how it goes!

[14/09/21 TAO’S MEIPAI] 5月开始到现在 ,如果没有EXO的粉丝和一直在背后一直辛苦为我们付出的工作人员的话,演唱会可能不会那么完美的进行, 最后EXO的10位成员真的很谢谢你们很爱你们。要开心幸福,完成自己想要完成的事情~这是我最希望的。EXO-L짱! 你们最棒.TAO.

Starting from May up to now, if there’s EXO fans and staff who helped a lot backstage, the concerts won’t be going perfectly. Lastly, to all 10 members of EXO, i’m really thankful to all of you, i love all of you. Be happy and do whatever you want to do~ it’s my only hope. EXO-L jjang! You are the best! TAO

To the ends of the earth


Jonghyun is my king, Yixing is my prince

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